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Can Bed Bugs Kill You?

Pest control Augusta Ga
Several studies conducted in the usa, the united kingdom and elsewhere, have found that although these bugs can hold some serious diseases, including HIV, St. Louis encephalitis and Hepatitis B, research so far shows that their diseases are not transmitted to humans.

Therefore we is now able to say that bedbugs aren't recognized to kill humans directly.

Further questions may now be asked, "Can These bugs kill you indirectly and just what reactions do people get after being bitten by a Bed Bug?

These bugs come out of their resting places, in mattresses, cracks in furniture, behind skirting boards as well as in crevices in walls and elsewhere, to give on the blood of humans during the night. Each bug feeds about once weekly but they can survive for approximately six months without a meal.

Many people get little reaction from the bite, maybe somewhat red lump. Generally, in the event the victim can resist scratching these bites, the swelling will reduce and disappear in approximately 1 week. Calamine lotion can be helpful to calm down a rash.

Other victims should consult a medical doctor if

 they have many bites, for example around 50 each day, in addition to their health has been affected because of blood loss.

 the irritation with the bites have resulted in eczema.

 they have serious reactions for their bug bites. These victims may suffer difficulty sleeping as a result of bites and may even develop sore, itchy blotches and hard white, pus filled swellings.

Several unfortunate victims of this tiny insect will be needing treatments and probably specific antibiotics to eliminate the invading bacteria.

The victim's health can be impacted by the huge distress, embarrassment and financial implications of the infestation.

Individuals are unfamiliar die straight from a Bedbug bites but sometimes become very unwell from secondary infections due to these bites.

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